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News of Martin's death sparked a national outcry after it was reported that Zimmerman was not arrested nor thoroughly investigated
Watch via Mediate in the clip above. Trotta also attacked a segment produced for NBC's "Rock Center with Brian Williams" where
Sexual predators in the military are unafraid, because they know an unwritten code shields them. In her ignorance, Liz Trotta shone a bright light on this ugly, damaging truth.
Trotta appeared on Fox News on Sunday. Fox News host Eric Shawn said Trotta "indicated that women who put their lives on
"Think of how much cheaper it would be for all of us if they were raped just the right amount," Stewart said, shocked. Fox
Shawn argued that the programs are necessary to protect those victims. Trotta responded that the purpose of the military
Liz Trotta's makes disturbing comments about women in the Military
(via Johnny Dollar) Jarrett then seemed to come around to Trotta's point of view, saying that there appeared to be a double
Fox News commentator Liz Trotta called Anderson Cooper's coverage of the Egyptian revolution "shocking" and accused him of
UPDATE: The possibility also exists that the video was accidentally placed on the Fox News website, as the station does occasionally