liza long

These are only some of the words that describe three courageous mothers inspiring us all with their mental health advocacy
If we want to slay this beast of a public health emergency, we cannot let suicide, depression, and other brain health challenges hide behind closed doors. Our only choice is to continue to build dialogue, so that we may break down the lethal secrecy and shame that surround these issues.
We decided that in order to melt down shame and fear around mental health, we needed to have real, open conversations together. We talked about many topics, including our own personal histories of mental health challenges, the civil rights components of this cause, and some of our "secrets."
Liza Long joins HuffPost Live to reveal what it was like to rase a child suffering from a mental illness.
For me, and for many other parents, this is what "normal" looks like. People said that I was brave for telling my story. I did not feel brave; I felt helpless.
The grace of the families of Newtown who recently met with Vice President Biden to advocate for better mental health treatments has taken our breath away as they pave the way toward unconditional love as a nation.
Watch a clip above, and watch the full segment at HuffPost Live. Dr. Greene spoke to the corrosive "groupthink" around violent
When stable, he is "my calm, sweet boy," she explained, but when he snaps -- which happens with no warning -- he frightens
The response included support from parents who also struggled with violent children, expressing relief that they were not
When I asked my son’s social worker about my options, he said that the only thing I could do was to get Michael charged with