The Eastern hellbender is also called a snot otter, lasagna lizard and Allegheny alligator.
Zach Lieberman says "Godzilla's smaller cousin" is wreaking havoc at his house.
It sparked memories of her ill-fated trip to the Los Angeles Zoo in 2001.
Yeah, maybe it was a tailless lizard that crawled into his ear.
They don't seem to care about passing cars as they push and shove.
Manhattan is brimming with all types of services, from high-end repair shops and cleaners to prime restorers and more, to keep all of your luxury and beloved belongings in top shape.
This is what pure happiness looks like.  A delightful video uploaded to YouTube features Laura the chameleon popping bubbles
Permana did not return requests for further comment. "I did not directly photograph the lizard at first, until the lizards
Savannah monitors are native to central Africa. They like to munch on rodents, smaller lizards, and insects -- but in the