So our team of palaeontologists and neurologists checked for the pineal foramen in more than 600 skulls. These were all found
Similar turf issues bother Charlie Berg of San Diego. "When you fly in coach," he grouches, "why is it always the person
Native black currants in cultivation in Burgundy, France In our agricultural areas, we should convert some of the non-native
There's a lot of information around about what happens when humans sleep, from rapid eye movements (REM) to dreaming. But the research involving the electrophysiological characteristics of sleep has mostly been limited to mammals and invertebrates.
Evolution gave these little guys one of most explosive movements in the entire animal kingdom -- and it's terrifying.
Lily, who was understandably disturbed by the whole thing, said she avoided looking at the creature. "I didn’t want to see
Previous research suggested that the color change resulted from shifting skin pigments. That's something known to occur in
Maybe it's time to show a bit more respect to our scaly friends. Actually, another new study has shown that sharks do have
The new study was published online in the journal PLOS ONE on August 20, 2014. (Story continues below) The regenerated lizard
From baby bears to jaguars to birds, the HuffPost Live studio has welcomed a menagerie of wild animals. Check out the video
In true ninja-style, the kitten approaches the bearded dragon with caution and attempts a tentative bat before scampering
Savannah monitors are native to central Africa. They like to munch on rodents, smaller lizards, and insects -- but in the
(h/t MSN) And while we never thought we'd say this, smplymaxx has a point. That lizard really is super cute. "Every time
Tooth fossils of the new reptile, Barbaturex morrisoni (shown, with a model reconstruction) suggest that the animal was a
The skink study is "very cool" and "very clear—we really don't have well documented examples like this in reptiles," says
The photos in the Imgur album, which is simply entitled "Snake Eating Goanna," appear to show a black-headed python devouring