As with a regular eye, the pineal eye is made up of a cornea, a lens and a retina. Our paired eyes and the reptilian pineal
Everything, that is, so long as it is miles from the nearest yellow brick. "This may sound Pollyannaish," says Pauline Frommer
In a world that is in the initial throes of a sixth mass extinction, this one caused by people erasing native habitat and
There's a lot of information around about what happens when humans sleep, from rapid eye movements (REM) to dreaming. But the research involving the electrophysiological characteristics of sleep has mostly been limited to mammals and invertebrates.
Evolution gave these little guys one of most explosive movements in the entire animal kingdom -- and it's terrifying.
If you're still skeptical of these tales of lavatory interlopers, Slate's "A Brief History of Toilet-Based Animal Attacks
Until now. But new research conducted at the University of Geneva in Switzerland suggests that this isn't quite right. When
What happened? Not just one but all eight of the observer lizards successfully copied the actions of the demonstrator. None
And from there, the cells would grow into new tissue to form a new tail. Scientists have taken a big step closer to answering
First of all, the scientists are Russian, so a national scientist registry wouldn't keep us safe from them to begin with