lizzy caplan

The Paramount+ version is billed as a “deep-dive reimagining” of the original and, if Close has her way, could offer a more nuanced take on mental health.
Lizzy Caplan was married to fellow actor Tom Riley in Italy.
Now he's made the star-studded "Now You See Me 2."
Meanwhile the reason the Four Horsemen have been transported to Macao is to steal a part of a computer for an evil Daniel
"I don't want to be a boy, but I sure as hell want to be equal to them."
For her role as Virginia Johnson on "Masters of Sex," however, things are a little different. She explained the nude scenes
On Tuesday, Hamm sat down with Lizzy Caplan (or, more precisely, crashed her interview) on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to chat about
Lizzy Caplan, you can always sit with us. Caplan is known these days for her provocative role on Showtime's "Masters of Sex