It's now Trump's call to accept, he said.
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What started as an innocent ritual became a global happening as bridges across the world became receptacles for the locks of couples in love. Eventually the Pont des Arts bridge couldn't handle the weight of all those locks and they were removed. So what are young lovers in Europe to do?
Are you looking for a slice of unspoiled, charming, old world Europe? A road less-travelled to a place rich in history, culture, food, scenery and natural wonders?
The tongue-twister stems from the Slovenian word for "beloved" -- an apt name for an often overlooked European country, and its walkable main city, subtly sandwiched in between Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia.
The capital of Slovenia might be small in terms of size but it's quality over quantity that makes Ljubljana special. It has everything you need, it is easily accessible, intimate and it quickly makes you believe you know its every nook and cranny.
We are not modern nomads traveling the world and eating cool, different and uniqe foods. For the better part of the year we are stuck at home, planning our next great escape but until that date comes, we don't just sulk in the corner and wait.
What is "travel" anyway? It's relative, that's for sure. This is what travel means to me: Getting lost, giving up, and then finding exactly what you weren't looking for straight ahead. Eating the local cake. Twice. For breakfast. Having an internal alarm clock. Talking to yourself. A lot...
Legend dictates that karst caves are where dragons are born. The best of these, the Postojna Cave, is only a short train ride away from Ljubjlana.
European travel is glorious in winter - relatively empty cities, architecture that pops against the stark weather and low