Manafort helped a Ukrainian political party with close ties to Russia secretly move at least $2.2 million to two major Washington lobbying firms.
No one in America feels at peace this week. Each time our country endures tragedy -- whether it is the stripping away of homes, belongings and community, or the loss of life in Newtown, Conn. -- we are reminded just how fragile, complicated and, at times, senseless, our world can be.
We've seen how Washington insiders write the rules of politics and the economy to protect powerful special interests but now, as we enter the holiday season, and a month or so after the election, we're getting a refresher course in just how that inside game is played, gifts and all.
A day after leaving Media Matters For America, I feel a need for an explanation beyond what I posted at the MMFA site. It
Wasting no time after its success in getting the administration to oppose Palestinian statehood at the United Nations, and still celebrating the UNESCO funding cut-off, the lobby has returned to its #1 priority: pushing for war with Iran.
Wall Street and Big Coal corporations have no better friend than Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY), the "prince of pork" and powerful chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.
The Americans' insistence on rewarding the Israeli party that puts obstacles in the way of peace only encourages that party to come up with even more obstacles as the talks enter more difficult stages.
Now it's war. AIPAC is putting out everything it has on Steve Rosen and Rosen is about to put out everything he has on AIPAC. If he does -- he won't, it appears, if AIPAC pays him off -- it is probably the end of the organization.
That is how the AJC reported its poll's findings.  But James D. Besser, the New York Jewish Week's long-time and expert reporter
Thousands of Israelis have been killed as a result of policies that the conservative "pro-Israel" lobby has supported. Yet they sail on, never looking back, labeling anyone who opposes the status quo "anti-Israel."