The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has a new plan for a progressive tax on lobbyists in Washington.
Former lobbyists run the Defense and Interior departments, Environmental Protection Agency and office of the U.S. Trade Representative.
“When you guys edit you really edit.......lol,” a Colorado state senator wrote after the Consumer Energy Alliance revised an op-ed he co-authored.
The Democratic congresswoman from New York and the GOP senator from Texas plan to work on a bill to bar former Congress members from becoming lobbyists.
The freshman lawmaker reveals how industry insiders “schmooze" lawmakers and staffers to get them on-message.
In a shift, the Democratic presidential candidate will no longer "accept any money from lobbyists," the campaign said Friday.
Steve Elmendorf, a high-profile lobbyist, is hosting a fundraiser for him next month.
Exxon Mobil Corp., Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Total and BP together have spent more than $1 billion on public relations since the Paris Agreement.
The oil industry “leads the pack by a mile,” with the American Petroleum Institute accounting for nearly half the total.
T-Mobile spent $195,000 at Trump’s hotel while lobbying his administration to approve a massive merger.
Activists have been criticizing Israeli policies towards Palestinians long before the Minnesota congresswoman.
After losing the primary last year to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Crowley joined a lobbying firm and aligned himself with Pass USMCA.
The freshman lawmaker called out lobbyists and others who pay people, including some who are homeless, to wait in line for them outside committee hearings.
Newly released emails reveal the behind-the-scenes role played by retired Brig. Gen. Robert Crear at the Army Corps of Engineers.
Murray Energy worked for Wheeler for years. Now that he's Trump's EPA nominee, the coal producer ended its contract with Wheeler's old lobbying firm.
The BLAKE Act would ban ex-members from lobbying Congress until they repay taxpayer money spent on sex harassment settlements.
Bill Wehrum pushed industry-friendly policies as he and his staff stayed in contact with his old corporate law firm.
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, implicated in the journalist's potential murder, could blunt criticism using the most sprawling foreign influence campaign in the U.S. today.
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And he's not the only person Mueller's investigation has implicated.