lobbying reform

Keep Reading: 5 Money Scams to Avoid This Year For example, Galka said hedge funds that invest in pharmaceutical companies
Young Americans are fighting an uphill battle against a huge list of social, financial, and political issues that must be solved.
The passage of public financing ballot initiatives points a way forward for reformers.
Daschle is not alone in practicing this kind of shadow lobbying. In recent years, scores of former lawmakers have accepted
Warwick Sabin, the first-term state representative, said the success of the ballot initiative, which passed by a 52-47 margin
Never mentioned in her office’s public statements was the Carmen Group, which had privately taken credit for orchestrating
There can be no doubt that too many special interests have too much access to decision-makers in Washington, D.C. But it is the height of absurdity to pretend that only registered lobbyists wield undue influence.
You'd think a situation this dire wouldn't be something you could laugh about. And you'd be wrong.
The mainstream media seems to willfully ignore what corporations and other moneyed interests do to get what they want in Washington. As a result of this lack of media interest, Americans remain in the dark.
It's no surprise that American corporations spend billions of dollars each year on lobbying, trying to gain favorable treatment from legislators. What some may find a bit unnerving is the industry that's leading the pack in these efforts.
WASHINGTON -- Former Sen. Bob Bennett plans to register as a corporate lobbyist on Thursday, marking the end -- to the day
We're going to little league games, antique shows, NASCAR events, the mall, acting as homework helper or cabby to the kids: How can we be bothered to pay attention to politics?
Just like the debt limit negotiations and super committee process that helped cause it, the so-called "fiscal cliff" of expiring laws is creating another round of secretive negotiations among our political leaders.
Instead, Feingold, the head of Progressives United, another campaign finance reform group, pointed to what he sees as the
The study also showed that 40 percent of lobbyists were self-identified Democrats; 33.4 percent are self-identified Republicans
What is HLOGA's aim? How does it affect advocacy? These questions seem to resonate more by the day.
The panelists and Abramoff also said that the culture of state capitols, where lawmakers have few if any staffers, leads
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