Fall is definitely in full swing, with the cold weather beginning to descend. So what are you waiting for? Watch the video
Experts tell the Associated Press the report's findings are "a wake-up call" to the seafood's plight, and also to the fact that lobster fishermen have it worse than anyone really thought.
A new report reveals that nearly one in 5 seafood products worldwide are mislabeled.
They released 600 pounds of the crustaceans back into the ocean.
I'm not hating on the classic lobster roll or surf n' turf, but lobster deserves to be more than a sandwich stuffer or co-star to filet mignon. Cue: Watermelon. This crunchy, irresistibly sweet (if you buy it in season) fruit is the perfect counterpoint to lobster's tender meat. I've paired these two ingredients in a summer salad for an easy dinner. All that's missing is a glass of rose.
One of our favorite warm weather activities is kicking back with a platter of oysters and some cold beers or a bottle of rosé, a pastime that's been popular for many years, in many places.
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Seafood addicts don't need yet another reason to loathe climate change, and now a pair of reports warn that saltwater diseases are just loving these warmer ocean temperatures, and unfortunately at least one has a taste for lobster.