lobster rolls

Lobster and bread are two of our favorite foods on their own. But what happens when you put them together, like the inspired geniuses at Perry's of Milford, Connecticut did for the first time in 1929? You get an even tastier treat -- lobster sandwiches.
Lobster in a bun is as good as life gets.
Lobster's place in America has evolved throughout its existence, and along the way, we've put plenty of new spins on the dish.
Nowadays, diners can find variations of the iconic summer sandwich all over the U.S., available at seafood shacks and restaurants all around the country. Here are 5 to try during your summer travels.
My boyfriend and I had strategized our weekend trip to Maine with a carefully mapped selection of local favorites, return-worthy lobster rolls, and breathtaking views from our road trip the year before. We snacked, shopped, and chatted our way up to our destination.
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The most complex part is the opening question: which lobster roll do you want to make?
Don't be crabby! It's summer seafood season.