Local Elections

The founder of a women’s self-defense group from Queens takes on a Manhattan Democrat with a mixed record on progressive priorities.
The former president said that the proposals, backed by state Republicans, "appear to be rooted in partisan interests, not the interests of all Georgia voters.
Many Republican lawmakers at the state level are engaged in a widespread effort to restrict access to the vote after high turnout helped defeat their preferred candidates in 2020.
Officials said the attorney tried to register to vote in Georgia's Senate run-off election and urged other Floridians to join him.
Yet another loss for the Trump campaign, which is attempting to overturn the results of the election in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
One complaint reported a wait exceeding four hours in one location and check-in stations and voting machines that were not working.
Ballot measures in Tucson, Arizona and the states of Colorado and Washington give voters another say on hot-button social issues.
A ballot measure would make the city the most populous place yet in the U.S. to adopt the elections system.
The 29-year-old law student is also the city's youngest mayor in its history.
Republicans in Utah, Michigan, Wisconsin and elsewhere didn't like what voters chose last year, so they're simply undoing it.