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The councilors in St. Louis Park said it's part of an effort to "create a more welcoming environment."
Dane Best, 9, told Severance council members "kids need a reason to play outside."
Traffic cameras are more about revenue than safety, some studies show. And drivers hate them.
Growth in tourism and population has led local governments to set aside tax dollars to boost federal agencies.
Boulder and two Colorado counties are suing oil companies to pay for the damages of climate change.
He wore out two pairs of shoes knocking on doors and handing out 7,500 flyers.
How civility and inclusion drive progress.
No elected officials would have more power to push back against this White House.
Lead Locally is recruiting candidates for local government who will take a hard line against fossil fuels.
The broad realization that business leaders do not hold all the answers had better come soon, because reliance on business leaders in government and public institutions is not arresting the alarming deterioration of our public infrastructure and institutions.
From the report: Open the Books' annual "Big Dogs" salary report on local government looks not only at city or village managers
But John Oliver, host of the acclaimed HBO comedy news show Last Week Tonight, devoted a generous, 15-minute segment of Sunday's
If there is one thing that we can all agree on about Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), it is that he is a staunch advocate of state rights and local control. But his belief in local control over local affairs clearly does not extend to those who actually live in Washington, D.C.
Here are brief summaries of the 27 recommendations from the report. Rikeesha Phelon, spokeswoman for Senate President John
Average living standards improved while the government managed to halve the rates of poverty, hunger and lack of clean drinking water. Despite this success, one major failure sticks out: sanitation.
One aspect of the Climate Dialogue deals with exchanges and the learning process between municipalities. Information on numerous and diverse examples of good practice is provided by a range of brochures, data bases and competitions.
Once considered a moderate, Kenney ran on a progressive platform, advocating for raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour
As to the claims of voter fraud, McCray said those people still live in Kinloch even if their apartments appear to be in