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Members of both parties agreed that action is needed to address the threat news publishers face from Big Tech.
The name originated from the company which first developed the area in 1908, years before the Nazis gave the symbol its now-universally nefarious connotation.
“I’m even creepin into your local news story about Christmas tree stands," the "Orange Is The New Black" actor joked on Instagram.
Congressional candidate John Heenan says the local news giant is abusing its power and taking advantage of journalists.
The broadcaster made local news anchors read a controversial script about "false news" on air.
As a journalist, I found the company's demands reprehensible but was told not to question authority.
"If you want to make a difference, lobby your lawmakers to have them stop the Tribune deal," the anchor says.
The legendary news anchor called the company's effort "Orwellian."
Sinclair Broadcast Group forced its anchors all over the country to record a message denouncing some other media outlets.
The script trashes the national media for "fake stories" and bias -- favorite themes of the press-bashing president.
The conservative media giant dominates local TV in the troubled city, where people say the press hasn’t raked nearly enough muck.
Staffers and journalism advocates are demanding transparency from the site's new owner.
Find places of unity, even when there is division. Progressives will disagree on many things--whether to actively support
The TV news camera is always watching, and that's bad news for these journalists.