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Hadiya Afzal has not yet been a college student without also full-time campaigning for the midterm elections.
As a part of my campaign for the San Francisco Board of Education, I have been engaging students, families, educators, and voters to identify the most pressing issue areas that will affect the future of San Francisco public schools.
We've known each other for over 15 years. We've gotten to see one another establish ourselves in the world and become leaders
Over the years, the small square next to the Saint Barbara church on Long Gardens Street looked more frightening than pleasing
I'm not a spiritual leader, nor a millionaire, nor a person with several fancy degrees from world-renowned schools. I run a small nonprofit and I'm a local politician focused on education issues. And despite my failures and my station in life, I love the man I've become.
There are somewhere between one and two million Roma in Romania. Ratys estimates that there are around 300 Roma in elected office at a local level. But it's difficult to calculate how underrepresented Roma are at the local level.
When we first met 23 years ago, Wojciech Waligorski worked for a newspaper devoted to sobriety. He updated me on the state of alcoholism in Poland. We also talked about the impact of former Communist officials, the role of religion in Łowicz, and what people expect from a local newspaper.
"Nyima might do a superior job to our current county prosecutor. It's just a sign that we need some change -- and a fresh
The European: The small projects make the big difference? Bloomberg: Yes, you might still need the bridge, but there’s no
“If possible, a public agency should provide free copies of public records,” the opinion said. “However, if budgetary constraints