loch ness monster

The president's son is told to lay off Nessie after his unusual speech at the Republican National Convention.
Researchers found a surprisingly high amount of eel DNA in the waters of Loch Ness, but it's not clear whether that indicates a gigantic eel or just a lot of little ones.
"One of the crown jewels of Scottish fossils."
In this age of selfies, it's tough to be the Loch Ness Monster. Show yourself to a few tourists, and they never get a good shot. Fortunately, someone did finally snap a picture of the elusive creature, it just happens to be a stunt double from the movies.
Sherlock Holmes' private life can help explain this mystery.
“We had a good look at the footage but it isn’t clear enough to make out what we are looking at.”
Look into my eyes. Craig Mackay, a hypnotist, has brilliant, beautiful blue ones, but you'll never hear him utter this command.
"Two weeks ago, I got a sonar image of what looked like a long object with a hump lying at the bottom. It wasn’t there when I scanned the loch bed later."