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Natural wigs can cost thousands, but with the help of hair donations Little Princess Trust can give them to cancer patients for free.
"It'll take some adjusting [to]. I'll just be a little crazy till the fairy dust settles!"
Mario and Tara Fuentes are the parents of three incredibly kind kids. Michael, 10, Catherine, 9, and their youngest, Mario, 6, are all committed to doing acts of kindness and making sure their actions leave a positive impact.
You are officially a part of me, and I am a part of you. Therefore, you hold the life I lived and the part of me that remembers. I take on your suffering and your suffocating existence of illness.
This young girl is truly benevolent beyond her years. “Without a second thought, Ariana said ‘Oh, well she can have some
Each of us avoids shaving for 1 to 30 days this month and makes a contribution equal to (or lots higher than) we would have spent on haircuts during that time. And we can also encourage friends who comment on our extra hair that they too should make a contribution.
Let's be honest, many people view dreadlocks as "dreadful". I sincerely hope that change is on the horizon. Niyya Tenee, the founder of Locs Revolution, is on a mission to uplift the image of locked hair and as part of that mission she is promoting Loc Appreciation Day on June 28, 2014.
The CEO of Granite Telecommunications, Rob Hale, promised to donate $5,000 to charity for every person who shaved their head.
Together, they raised more than $2 million. Some employees donated their hair to Locks of Love, an organization that makes
8. Old Cell Phones Who wants that two month old smartphone? Yep, it's outdated already. Well, maybe to you, but it's still
“The author seems to have confused retail/wholesale costs,” REInvestor wrote. “You can imagine how much labor would have
Of course, it was only hair; it would grow back. On the other hand, I had never before parted with my thick, wavy locks. I
White is a long-time supporter of the Tony Hawk Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on developing skate parks in low-income
"It's only hair," he tweeted on Tuesday. Aside from the fierce snowboarding skills seen in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics
Angela Guarjardo, 32, told the news source she hopes her three kids will be proud of her. "It makes you feel like you're
I get a thrill each time I can mail a ponytail to Locks of Love. And so do my clients -- from rocker guys to mothers, to children, who happily give of their hair for other children.
I realized what I was doing. Was I sacrificing my looks? Maybe. Changing someone's life? Sure. Was I changing my own life? Definitely -- but at the time, I had no idea.
"I would like the students to know how important it is to advocate for your health and I want them also to remember it," Hewitt
To donate your hair to Lock of Love, click here, to get involved with Beautiful Lengths, click here. "I knew I wanted to