These days out-of-town film and TV crews, who need a place to do business and rest their heads, stay in the suites with 20ft
Fly the friendly skies, then the friendly waters But what about those items you'd like to have, but don't necessarily have
One of Airbnb's myths is that the savings are often so much more compared to a standard hotel but that doesn't always hold
Of course, depending on the hotel lobby, it could be a noisy clusterf*ck. If so, move on and take your chances with traffic
From a treehouse in the middle of Atlanta to a 4,000-square-foot pool property in Turks and Caicos, these are some of the
Update: Please note that Hilton is no longer running the trial. Statement from Hilton PR below: I guess too many people have
It's called Dyrhólaey lighthouse, Iceland, and it's a solitary, century-old lighthouse on a cliff overlooking a black beach that stretches farther than you can fathom. It's a primal, elemental landscape that will make you feel as if you're teetering on the end of the earth.
Sure, you know how to book a hotel on your own because you've got a credit card and the Internet. But chances are you're not booking a hotel as well or as cheaply as you could. To turn you from hotel amateur to hotel pro, we've probed the minds of lodging experts to hear their tips on saving the most money and maximizing every hotel stay you book.
Access and inclusion for hotel and lodging changed forever in 2010. That year proved to be a very defining year for hotels and accessibility for people with disabilities. The US Department of Justice issued new standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
In the six years since Airbnb launched, the company has pretty much managed to redefine budget traveling. Since then, I've played the role as both host and guest in several countries and cities, with, more often than not, mixed feelings.
Michael and I have been on the road for over three years now with no fixed address, yet people still ask us where we call home. We finally have a good answer: we live at Airbnb.
7. Cancellation Fees: It may seem like common knowledge that guests will get charged for last-minute cancellations, but some
One of the hidden strengths of the nonprofit world is our ability to come up with a great idea that, because of its compelling emotional logic, allows people to change the way they view a situation --- and, in doing so, make a big collective impact.
But none of these things are what make the Game Creek Chalet one of Colorado -- if not the world's -- most exclusive hotel rooms. It's that Game Creek Chalet is located almost eight miles from the nearest town. Eight miles and, oh, 2,000 vertical feet.
While cities such as Shanghai, Dubai, and Toronto have long been known for their futuristic-looking hotels, they've hardly
If you're willing to do a little research and preplanning, there are a number of ways you can lower (or eliminate) your travel-lodging costs and live more like a local when you travel. Here are some different options to consider and some resources that can help you locate them.
Porches have a way of adding that homey touch to hotels, and they're an ideal spot to sit and soak up the view, preferably
Brazil is running out of hotel accommodations for World Cup so travelers are now booking sex hotels.
Alyona is joined by Adi Robertson and a panel to discuss the future of AirBnB in New York City.
New York comic Ari Teman joins Josh to discuss a very, very bad experience he had using Airbnb.