Log Cabin Republicans

The network's White House correspondent posted the "ignorant" tweets while at the University of Alabama in 2011.
State Department nominee R. Clarke Cooper ran Log Cabin Republicans for two years, but you'd never know it based on his confirmation process.
CVS employees accused Camilla Hudson of assault after she presented a coupon they suspected was fraudulent.
"The facts speak for themselves," said Log Cabin Republicans' Gregory T. Angelo.
And don't call Jeff Sessions ‘anti-gay’ just because he opposes gay rights.
Another slight endured at the annual conservative gathering.
American values, institutions, and people are in peril. Taking care of one another is an immediate concern. As we move forward, resisting Trump and the threat he poses is the decent and patriotic thing to do.
Even if Trump actually were "pro-LGBT," LCR should have opposed Trump based solely on his racist attacks on immigrants (who include LGBT people), and Muslims (who include LGBT people), and for his misogynistic attacks on women (who comprise more than half the LGBT population, just as in the general population.)