Logan Paul

The Infowars host had been banned by YouTube for spreading hate speech following the Parkland shooting. Paul gave him a platform.
The controversial internet celebrity draws angry comments after he implies that being gay is a choice -- or a joke. He later calls it a "poor choice of words."
Lexi Alexander got fans briefly excited this week when she mused about indulging Paul's UFC fantasies.
The controversial YouTube star was slammed for filming in Japan's "suicide forest."
The streaming service says Paul's channel is "potentially damaging to the broader creator community."
After stirring perhaps the most-talked-about YouTube controversy in recent years, Logan Paul says that he deserves a second
The video giant took the vlogger off Google Preferred, among other changes, after many criticized its "open letter" on the controversial video.
YouTube didn't address what penalties Paul might face for his controversial video showing a dead body.
He smashed a Game Boy Color and then told the store attendant that it was “much-o broken-o.”
“A man who had family and friends chose to end his life, and you chose to share his death to your millions of followers without thinking about how his family/friends felt?”
The internet celebrity's post is gone. What's left in its place is just as disturbing.
Hint: Posting a video of someone who died by suicide isn't it.
YouTube star Logan Paul has apologized for his video from Japan’s “Suicide Forest,” but people remain outraged.
Actors Sophie Turner and Aaron Paul were among hundreds to condemn the internet celebrity over the clip.
You can enjoy the 2 hour livestream on demand HERE. Tubeathon will also make it TV debut on December 21 with a one-hour edited
College is stressful, and sometimes we need a few good laughs. Ohio University freshman and Vine master Logan Paul knows how to lighten our day. HuffPost Live goes on campus to speak with Logan about his ridiculous vine videos!
His Twitter says that he is a "goofy dude with BIG goals," and we hope this means he will continue to go to great lengths