Logan Square

Each of the community-funded mental health clinics offers free therapy and treatment.
So when resident Andrew Schneider saw the billboard frames go up, the 33-year-old decided to fight and started an online
You have said you want to hear community input. Well, our community could not be clearer: we love Brentano and we want it kept open for our children.
Just Kids made me feel proud to consider myself a writer. To explain to my loved ones what I do, who I am and what I hope to one day achieve. And now I was lucky enough, I hoped, to share all those things with an unsuspecting commuter or 20.
Saturday, April 7, 2012 marked Occupy Chicago's official reemergence after a milder than expected winter with a citywide day of action, known as "Take the Spring."
Though it can be admired for filling a void in the local music scene by booking underground sounds and hosting independent
What do you think it is about rumors of the apocalypse that garners so much attention and speculation? I think people have
Visit Bucket O' Blood Books and Records at 2307 N. Milwaukee and log on to their website to learn more about upcoming readings
The Chicago Tribune reports that DeLeon was taken to Children's Memorial Hospital, where he underwent surgeries to his brain
"It's horrible, absolutely horrible. Kids nowadays it seems have no consideration for life," neighbor Kevin Lobianco told
So Murray has chosen to continue to fight. She created a Change.org petition addressed to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and
"These inspections don't keep us safe -- they merely further an illusion of food safety," Murray wrote. "We have been sustained
And prices are expected to head even higher since demand for premium downtown rental real estate also has been on the rise
Alderman Roberto Maldonado, who happened to be driving along the trail with his family as Helphand and White walked along
The Cook County State's Attorney's Office says two Chicago cops accused of unprofessional conduct will not face local charges
Logan Square has changed a lot in recent years. It seems that a new bar or restaurant pops up weekly, and the swelling young
* * * * * For Ferrer, this was a huge break. Most of the people his association helps have loans with big banks, the Chases
Maroni and crew will be offering a five-course meal of fish, vegetables, meat, cheese and dessert, for $10 per course. The