When your prospective customers and clients hear your name, and the name of your products and services, what image and thoughts come to their minds? Are you making a good impression, and is it the impression that you want?
Twitter's legion of armchair graphic designers, mount up!
5. Your logo is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Deciding on your brand's logo isn't as easy as it sounds but these
Most savvy business owners are aware of a simple truth: It takes money to make money. When you're bootstrapping your startup, every penny counts.
So what are the basics? In this blog and my next four, I am going to take a look at The Basic 15, three at a time. If you
When does a spoken word create something today? Perhaps when it inspires, for example, during a motivational talk, or at
Using a limited palate with plaster, bone, wax, ink and hemp, Silver moves herself and the viewer through the Seven Sacraments in a meditative series of large scale canvases.
Seb Lester calls himself a designer and illustrator, though his miraculous handmade fonts suggest some sort of unmentioned
With all of the recent criticism (and some praise) surrounding Hillary Clinton's newly revealed campaign logo, I decided it was time to have another chat with Mr. Sender in order to gain his perspective on Hillary's new bold "H" logo.
A uniquely recognizable logo is the mandatory badge today's brands wield in an effort to reinforce their perpetual supremacy. But really, do we actually need all those stinkin' badges? When is enough too much?
A recycling station housed in an old factory building might not seem like a novel concept, particularly in a city with a plethora of underutilized or vacant industrial space. Like Detroit.
And here is a photo that Brad Ehney tweeted of the alternative logo that has since been pulled from Ma's website: Here is
Continued success is almost certainly why these companies have kept the same logo for so long. The companies have had no
There are embarrassing logos, and then there are embarrassing logos. The nine found below reside firmly in the latter category
When designing a logo for your business, it's important to take into account the way people interpret color. It's the right time to ask, what kind of emotion do I want my brand to convey?
If your favorite brands were run by hipsters, would their logos wear skinny jeans? "What I want to show with my blog is that
Volkswagen Firefox Levity aside, Raszl may be on to something. As design critic Steven Heller argues, "logos should be simple
We have a soft spot for graphic design, and that is certainly evident in the videos and slideshow we've chosen for this week