HuffPost Style Associate Fashion Editor Michelle Persad joins Caitlyn Becker to discuss this week's worst dressed celebs!
HuffPost Style Associate Fashion Editor Michelle Persad joins Caitlyn Becker to discuss this week's best dressed celebs!
UPDATE: 2/21 6:54 p.m. -- Apparently Lohan hasn't even returned the dress yet, Fashionista reports. (FYI this is the same
"Lindsay has been a mess on movie sets lately," a source told RadarOlnine. "She doesn't show up on time, she keeps everyone
If you've read the recent New York Times Magazine profile of Lindsay Lohan, you may have wondered how the actress feels about
If President Obama can pardon a Thanksgiving turkey he barely knew, surely we can find it in our hearts to forgive Lindsay Lohan for... well, for being Lindsay Lohan.
Update: Dina Lohan tells The Huffington Post, "At this time I kindly ask that you extend to my family the time we need to
"It appears that a private correspondence between Chateau Marmont's general manager and Miss Lohan was leaked by a member
In previous excerpts of her interview, released earlier this week, Lohan said that these days she's more of a homebody than
Perhaps this is a sign that things are looking up for the troubled actress. Last week Lohan appeared in court for less than
Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan, has collapsed during an Alcoholics' Anonymous meeting on Tuesday. While
At Americans for Tax Reform's annual holiday party, partygoers were greeted by a cartoon, first published in the Pittsburgh
Lindsay Lohan's dad, Michael Lohan, was sitting in solitary confinement in a Florida jail after ignoring a restraining order
Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled on Thursday that the prior judge on the case, Elden Fox, only required testing from January 3 to February 25, 2011. This ruling makes both legal and therapy sense. And it is rare.
Sometimes a premise is enough. "What if Lindsay Lohan were a working class dude?" Well, it might go a little something like
Lindsay Lohan has not had what we might think of as a normal life. She was a child star, modeling by age three, staring in
Billionaire Florida Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene has been linked to a cadre of troubled celebrities. Boxer Mike