Lois Frankel

Dozens of female House leaders are wearing white at the State of the Union in the name of gender equality and women's rights.
On Equal Pay Day, the congresswoman spoke with HuffPost about inequality in the workplace.
More than 100 representatives of all genders signed a letter Tuesday calling for Congress to open an investigation into Trump.
Rep. Lois Frankel suggests visiting Camp David instead.
The "Scarlet Letter" law gained media attention this week after The Huffington Post reported that former Florida Gov. Jeb
Unable to deprive women the right to abortion outright through the courts, the anti-choice movement has adopted a different strategy.
Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.) defeated Republican opponent Paul Spain in the midterm election on Tuesday. Frankel has represented
"Paid sick leave mandates sound like a good idea," Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the top Republican on the Senate Committee
If tensions between the United States and Russia continue to escalate, however, it's safe to bet that pressure on members
Among the senators who backed further sanctions on Monday was another wealthy member, North Carolina Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan
After pointing out one story which was strangely ignored in the pile-on in the media this week, it seems the profits for the company contracted to build the Obamacare site are way up. How nice for them, eh? Sigh.
President Barack Obama announced swift and historic measures to combat gun violence in a press conference Wednesday, and
"She's a career politician looking for her next gig," he said. "Maybe she likes running against black guys," he added, referring
In the very same interview, he hailed the debt deal passed in Washington last week as "70 to 75 percent" of what he wanted
Allen West has a real problem with women. He's voted to deny us healthcare and curb our rights, and now he's openly attacking one of us with sexist comments. I won't stand for it.
This early announcement is an attempt by the group to more fully engage its membership list, which it says is rapidly growing
"New Hampshire voters already have major buyer’s remorse when it comes to Frank Guinta," said EMILY'S List spokesperson Jess