lois lerner

Conservatives are done waiting on GOP leadership to give them a vote.
The decision not to press charges was announced in a letter to members of Congress.
The investigation followed accusations by Republicans of IRS partisan activity in targeting groups mainly linked to the fiscally conservative Tea Party movement that had applied for tax-exempt status.
"Once again, the Obama administration has tried to sweep IRS targeting of taxpayers for their political beliefs under the
We're not positive, but Bob Beckel may have just lost it. The Fox News host went off on conservative author Jason Mattera
The Daily Caller reported last year that Lerner's husband, Michael Miles, is an attorney whose law firm hosted a voter registration
But Lummis was not concerned about the federal workers at the tax agency, and blamed the IRS for hurting her constituents
When Congress finds a person in contempt, the matter is referred to federal prosecutors to be brought before a grand jury