lol cops

The woman who took the video said ''I wish everyone could love their job this much.''
"With the cost of white powdery substances these days, probably somebody got home and spent the next 15 minutes going through their pockets, over and over."
The accused promised to let a suspect go if he could lick her feet or have her panties.
Some forms of police conduct are split-second decisions gone wrong -- officers who are too quick on the trigger (or the Taser
Next time you’re stopped at a red light and see someone on the side of the road holding a cardboard sign you might want to
As the victim started to walk home, north in the 700 block of S. Linwood Street, police said Flaig ran up from behind and
"It's discouraging and demoralizing to the 99.9 percent of the men and women that work so hard and so diligently [for the
Police told the station that they were taking necessary precautions when they pulled Barbour over in Forney, yelling at the
Sloan and Ownbey have both been assigned to desk duty at the Denver Police Department, pending an investigation by the Aurora
Police are about to unveil the best crime-entertainment crossover since the advent of COPS. The Prince George's County Police