Lolo Jones

"I'm not bored. I'm not bored. I'm not bored," the veteran Olympic hurdler joked of her house routine during the coronavirus pandemic.
Jones bashed "Fifty Shades" on Twitter Tuesday, taking issue with how sex is portrayed in the BDSM-themed film based on the
Jimmy, runner-up Jimmy Runner-up: Solomon Northup’s slave-narrative memoir, published in 1853, was the inspiration for the
American soccer fans could probably relate to Olympian Lolo Jones' reaction to the U.S.-Portugal World Cup result on Sunday
That’s a largely harmless, cute joke. Nothing wrong with it, and there’s plenty of truth behind it. Of course, being that
1. Lolo Jones (Bobsleigh) (Scott Halleran via Getty Images) So which Olympians are easiest on the eyes, according to the
In this video brought to us by AsapScience, we get to take a look inside a variety of those diets, from a cross-country skier's
Jones uploaded a since-deleted video to her Instagram bemoaning the cuisine from the cafeteria at the 2014 Winter Games in
How many rejection letters can one person take? They are our version of the torn Achilles before the big game, the participation medals and last place finishes. But still, like that flying tomato boy, we go on.
Earlier this week Jones was quarantined for cold-like symptoms, but she is now recovered -- just in time for the women's