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The most skeptic critic of the Olympic movement or the most analytical curmudgeon of a journalist could not find a single thing wrong with the Games of the XXXth Olympiad.
The Olympics stood for so many things, patriotism, innovation, sportsmanship and impressionism among many. Similarly, study abroad also can stand for many values and traits.
The Olympics and Paralympics are rich in tales of individuals who have overcome challenges in their professional and private lives. They are the ones whose stories inspire their supporters long after the Games have ended.
Text by Leila De Vito for You might wonder whether this would ever be possible within the realms of competitive
As technology improves, and as Paralympians get better, they may no longer desire to compete in the Paralympic Games, favoring the more high profile Olympic Games.
At age 14, bacterial meningococcal meningitis took four limbs from Nick Springer. It didn't take his determination.
There's still time to enjoy some of the most amazing feats of athletic achievement: The London Paralympics 2012! As a winner of 3 Paralympic medals, I know firsthand the dedication to training and perseverance required to compete at this level of sport.
You know what happens when you show the London 2012 Paralympics on TV as you would other international sports? You get interest in diversity now and for years to come.
America's Golden Girl, Gabby Douglas, leapt back onto the national stage during Thursday's MTV Video Music Awards with an
The Paralympics have grown into the world's second-largest sporting event, surpassed now only by the Olympics themselves. London's Games will be the biggest yet.
A new study of 20 major media outlets used the image-curating website Pinterest to help measure the photographic coverage of four days of the Olympics.
After failing to slow her racist ramble, the host of the show, Mickey Cucchiella, suggested that she stop using "that word
You can find this post on Beet.TV The New York Times surfaced the tweets of its staffers in London during the Olympics onto
But when Aldred returned to the Betfred shop to claim her £1,000 (about $1,600) purse, the bookmaker refused to pay out. The
The London Olympics were a smashing success. While there was some disappointment at the lack of revenue raised during the games -- that perspective will be short term. These Olympics have left an indelible impression on millions around the world.
Throughout the Olympics, the IOC/YouTube channel which streamed in African and Asian nations, had 72 million streams. YouTube
The images of two strong, courageous young Saudi women athletes will forever exist as part of Saudi history. If you listen to the voices of the women interviewed herein, you can hear that a bell of hope and expectation has been rung.
Common consensus holds that a building of a certain scale, unless something extreme occurs, tends to be an unchanging landmark
Seeing athletes being able to pursue their dreams and be at the top of their sport in their 50's and beyond is so inspiring.
With some of the most diverse history in the world, the region is packed full of options.