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It sounds harsh, but it is true, only because friends have their families with their trials and tribulations and their own
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"Just know if you believe in yourself and really try hard and block out all the negativity in your life, you will lead a happy life."
The incomparable sound of Lowki combines sweeping melodies with Sara's haunting vocals, hypnotic synth lines, dark bass tones and pulsating rhythms likened to the heartbeat.
Following the latest glass-bottomed trend that's been popping up all over the world, the Tower's glass West Walkway will
vatle19 6. Barcelona, Spain Cities have everything -- great people, great food, great public transportation -- the list goes
Upon exiting the Tube, London's subway system, signs for Olympic park pointed both left and right. After following the tube crowd to the left, we realized the Park was to the right and we all did a 180 degree turn.
About 270,000 students travel each year to study abroad -- a number that has almost tripled in the past two decades. I'm one of the lucky mass making the exodus to the United Kingdom this summer and just in time for the London Olympics.
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To get ready for the 2012 Olympic games, London needed the customary facelift that goes along with the festivities. Efforts
When Anoushka Hempel created Blakes, it was a very bohemian home away from home for artist, writers and actors. Now she has refurbished it keeping the feel of a bohemian hideaway, but a luxurious one.
Sometimes in life, we are given things which, when used with the right intention, become sacred gifts that remind us of our own great self worth.
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