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4. London Zoo - Ponder at meditating Llamas Image Credit: ThatGirl'sLifeStories London Zoo is the world's oldest scientific
Picture this: You're spending Sunday in East London, in neighborhoods that have changed and diversified a lot in the last 10 years, with the arrival of craft coffee shops, hipster cafes, and designer fashion boutiques. There's a buzz in the air.
When you think of a vacation to the United Kingdom, you're probably envisioning Big Ben, castles, museums, and cathedrals. That side of the UK is well worth a visit, no doubt, but we've got some adventures for you to see the countryside of the United Kingdom like you never have.
When you think of London, "cheap" is a word that very rarely springs to mind. Beer can cost over £5 a pint, coffee is regularly £3 or more, and a night in a decent hotel will run upwards of £150. Basically, London is not on the top of the budget traveler's list.
Over the past 40 years or so, I've stayed in over 100 London hotels, from grotty bed-and-breakfasts near Paddington Station to the Savoy and Claridge's, and I've never seen a city with so much variety. New York City doesn't even come close.
Which of the world's museums is the most Googled? It's London's Science Museum. I recently spent an hour in the museum's permanent exhibit of information technology through the ages and I can see why.
Here are a few things we've eaten that might lend themselves to home cooking.
As the capital of the United Kingdom, London is a large and bustling city with an incredible amount of things to see and do.
Most London pubs no longer have bedrooms for rent above the shop, but a surprising number still do, and over the past few years several forward (or backward) thinking entrepreneurs have revived the concept.
London makes us happy. You know this, we know this. You'll probably be making your way towards Europe this summer, which
Pip pip SPLASH! While there are no definite plans to build the Thames Baths just yet, an official crowd-funding campaign
Planning a trip to London typically starts with a search in the West End. But the East End, defined by its location east of the Roman and medieval walled City of London and north of the Thames, is often unseen by many visitors.
A day in London dedicated to a Sherlock Holmes pilgrimage can't begin anywhere but Holmes' flat at 221 B Baker Street. In modern day London, you'll find much of Baker Street has become a shrine to the world's most famous detective.
h/t The Independent An flock of impostor Beatles on the loose! Oh! Darling, this is awesome. We had always assumed Abbey
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