Lone Survivor

In the wake of terror we must similarly hold our heads up and show the terrorists that they cannot break us or sour our freedoms. Our mettle is being tested, and we cannot be seen to be brittle.
I'm writing you a prescription for a diuretic. If you have to go to the bathroom more, your speeches might get shorter. Also take some gingko biloba, for memory. I saw you in the debates four years ago. Good luck.
The identity of the Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden has been revealed.
An Afghan man who saved the life of a U.S. Navy Seal and was featured in a blockbuster film that grossed millions of dollars says that he now fears for his life and that the Seal's promise to help him move to America has gone unfulfilled, Vocativ is reporting.
I don't want to call Marcus Luttrell a hero. After a day spent "playing" at being a Navy SEAL with machine guns, a rappelling wall and helicopter, I'm sitting across from the real deal in a fancy dining room overlooking the White House in Washington D.C. on Memorial Day weekend.
Lone Survivor proves that Hollywood has gotten better at war movies. We sat riveted by the story of Marcus Luttrell, a big, shambling Texan who was the lone survivor of a botched mission in the mountains of Afghanistan.
I quite like Lone Survivor. Clearly, so do most of you. It appears you will make it the number one movie in the country when everything is counted Sunday night. And it's for good reason.