loneliness study

Feeling lonely may trigger changes in our cells that could make us more susceptible to illness.
Without the backup of friends and family, our brains become alert to threat, especially the potential danger posed by strangers.
Would you go to a movie alone? For some people, the question elicits a quick and easy nod — of course! Why not? For others
That's almost twice as high as the risk of early death from obesity, noted Cacioppo, who performed a study examining the
Think buying yourself a little something is a fix for when you're feeling down? A new study shows that hitting the stores can actually make loneliness and anxiety worse! We tell you why pulling out the credit card really isn't a cure-all. Terrence Shulman joins HuffPost Live to discuss.
What do you make of these results? Do you find that you shop more when you're lonely? The Journal of Consumer Research has
Lonely people, it seems, are at greater risk than the gregarious of developing illnesses associated with chronic inflammation