long covid

The findings offer clues as to how often post-COVID symptoms occur in young people, and what the risk factors may be.
"One week, I was a healthy 26-year-old woman and the next, I was exposed to COVID and developed lingering, disparate symptoms. Could it be mere coincidence?"
The Household Pulse Survey found that over 40% of Americans have tested positive for the coronavirus at some point.
Learning to live with the virus is a privilege many don't have. In the rush to go back to normal, it's important to consider their experiences.
Research in U.S. veterans provides fresh evidence that long COVID-19 can happen even after breakthrough infections following vaccination.
Biden also directed federal agencies to provide science-based best practices for treating long COVID, maintaining access to insurance coverage, and protecting the rights of workers.
Lucille Whiting’s family have been battling with Covid-19 for a long time now. Her children are among hundreds believed to be suffering from long Covid. Told to keep away from hospitals for a while, eventually they had to see a doctor, with the children experiencing dire symptoms.
The study of more than 8 million VA medical records found that roughly 2 out of every 100 people, some without prior risks, were later diagnosed with diabetes.
“We had to redefine almost every aspect of our lives,” said one of three COVID long-haulers who first detailed their experience to HuffPost in 2020.
Here's what experts know right now about preventing or treating long-haul symptoms following a coronavirus infection.