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Sometimes I say, "I grew up in New York," but when you say it like that, you get, "Oh, Manhattan?" People think it's exotic to have grown up in New York City, where you never learn to swim or drive, and you're all blasé when you see Robert DiNiro strolling around your neighborhood.
They became America's favorite elderly couple after being a part of the Swiffer commercials. Lee and Morty Kaufman join us to talk about their over four decades of love, their newfound stardom and much more!
"That won't work. I won't have a place to live. There aren't many homes to buy in my price range," she said. I expressed
The family knows it will have to operate smarter and tougher -- probably fewer jobs for local kids, employees paying for
Five Long Island communities placed in Forbes magazine's top 12 "most troubled luxury neighborhoods," where the number of
A newborn girl was found alive in a shoebox at the entrance to a Hempstead, L.I., apartment building, cops said. Read more
He's sticking his tongue out in a gesture to "all of humanity." In Albert Einstein's own words, that was the message behind