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“The results should be deeply disturbing to all persons in the country."
The world would be so grateful if it had more optimistic people in it. So, let's start developing some habits that will move us in that direction.
"We are still alive because we have always stayed close."
When I tell people that my mother is 100-years-old, they typically say, 'Isn't that wonderful!' as if being very, very old is good in and of itself. And they usually add that I 'have good genes' -- meaning that, happily, I too will probably live to be very, very old. I'm not sure I want to live to be so old.
Switzerland has one of the highest life expectancies in the world.
So don't suddenly start thinking coffee is the elixir of life. But if you're reaching for your second...or third...cup today, don't feel too guilty. After all, it's part of a healthy diet.
What if there is evidence of instructions with simple steps that serves as a recipe for a longer life, relatively free of disease -- a figurative fountain of information for youth? The American Heart Association has discovered the "fountain of youth" and calls it Life's Simple 7 (Los 7 Pasos).
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My grandmother Helen has lived for more than a century. Born in Brooklyn in 1913, she has been fortunate to lead not just a remarkably long life but a remarkably gratifying one. She also ranks among the wisest people I know.
For years, my mantra has been, 'I don't want to outlive my usefulness.' As long as I am productive, which could be making dinner or helping a friend in need, I will feel useful. When that time ends I want to go quietly and quickly. How do you arrange that? Obviously you can't.
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A 115 year old woman living in Italy credits raw eggs and no husbands as the secret to staying alive.
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