long lost love

When we have an opportunity to explore a once great relationship again, we have an opportunity to explore ourselves too. We can look at it with new eyes and hopefully the courage to follow our heart wherever it may lead.
Love is a fragile thing. Making it last is even more so. Why it persists in the face of so many challenges and dies when it should not is a mystery that no one will ever understand, yet alone solve. What matters is the sincere and authentic pursuit of what seems like the right thing to do in each moment, and the willingness to take responsibility for the outcome.
Howard Attebery fell in love with Cynthia Riggs when she was 18, but he had to wait 62 years to tell her. After a coded letter and a cross-country search, the couple finally reunited. They join us to share their love story.
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Last month I got a new follower on Twitter. Since I'd joined over a year ago, 20 had trickled in and at that rate each gets special attention. Who? I wondered and peeked. Him?
Michael and Heather stayed in touch for years after that fateful trip via letters sent between New York (where Heather worked
A secret code helped 81-year-old Cynthia Riggs and 90-year-old Howard Attebery find love. Although Attebery liked Riggs, he
Ron Crist and Susan Williams' love story almost fits the story line of "Grease" to a T. Williams, a beautiful blonde Australian