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However, if none of the above fits you, LTCI could be a worthwhile choice--as long as you do your homework. Looking for answers
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In the case of an elderly person, the need for care can be the result of a sudden event such as a fall or stroke or it can
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Choose a shorter benefit period: Most people need long-term care for just under three years on average. So, by choosing a
Older adults should start thinking about long-term care beginning in their 50s, when they are still able to get reasonable
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On August 3rd, 2015, the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program announced that it would be raising rates immediately for new policies. The move surprised the Federal Employee workforce and led to general questions about the program and Long Term Care Insurance.
We must acknowledge and celebrate the changing face and composition of those aging in America today by focusing on cultural competency and combating all remaining vestiges of discrimination based on age, race, gender or sexual orientation. We should strive to make sure that the quality of life keeps pace with the quantity of life for all our people.
Lately I've found many very astute investors that have just too much life insurance. This can be a mistake. It's important to have the right amount. They've bought these policies in some cases, years ago, when their situation was very different.
There are two key factors - your financial situation and health history - you need to mull over that can help you decide if buying a long-term care (LTC) insurance policy is a wise decision for you and/or your wife.
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The missus and I have received your notice that you are increasing our premiums by another 50% and that we have to pay more if we want to get the same benefits you promised us 22 years ago.
Insurance is only worth the money if it truly protects you and your finances. At this time in life, as you approach retirement or semi-retirement, it's wise to re-examine your current policies. That way you'll know that you have what you need -- and you're not wasting precious dollars on what you don't.
This attractive deal offers a combination of life insurance, long term care insurance, and the ability to borrow cash out
November is Long Term Care Awareness month. And unless you have a parent who requires home care, or care in assisted living or a nursing home, you will probably stop reading here -- and whisper a silent prayer that it doesn't happen to you or your loved ones. That's not a good strategy.
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Long-term care is support provided to older people and adults with disabilities who cannot perform these activities on their own due to a physical, cognitive or chronic health condition that is expected to continue for an extended period of time.