long-term unemployed

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It is both unfair and inaccurate to place all of the blame for unemployment solely on job seekers. Employers are less than perfect, too. In the current job market, technology has changed many of the "standard" practices. So it's a new ball game for both employers and job seekers.
It is true that the rate of economic growth has quickened, but that rate is still low by pre-recession standards. In July the IMF actually cut the U.S. growth forecast for 2014 to just 1.7 percent, the CBO's in August was just 1.5 percent. These are not stellar growth numbers.
They are out on their own doing the same thing as the short-term unemployed, whether or not they realize it, with a clear disadvantage where they need to spend three to four times the effort to get a comparable result.
The focal point of it is for the Federal Reserve Bank to make available to member banks very inexpensive money on the condition that this money be used for business growth and expansion in America. This money must include the hiring of long-term unemployed workers.
Our Disengagement Economy burdens us with cost we cannot afford. We can no longer give ourselves or our leaders a pass on disengagement.
Senate aides were cautiously optimistic about the bill's prospects. Several variations unemployment insurance legislation
Last December, congressional Democrats asked Lowe to help illustrate the importance of the benefits on a conference call
Despite recent improvements in the economy, the average time people are out of work is still twice as long as any recession since the 1950s.
this weeding out of the long-term unemployed is occurring because of some sort of blanket heuristic being applied to pools of job applicants, in which "long-term unemployed" is getting equated with "weakest candidate." Let's face it: Even when the job market has boomed, an applicant with a long gap in work history would likely draw some scrutiny.
Never in any recession since at least 1957 has Congress let such emergency benefits expire when long-term unemployment was
Most Americans are wrapping up their holiday celebrations and pondering the promise of 2014. But millions of Americans who have been struggling the longest to find work in our slowly recovering economy are now facing deep uncertainty and despair instead of a Happy New Year.
"This hurts the dignity of the family, of the worker, one who has worked hard, played by the rules, lost his or her job through
Quitting one job for another is one way workers can get a big increase in pay. A low quit rate might help explain why wages
What's happening? One theory holds that employers just don't want to touch anyone who has been out of work a long time. Another
In addition to her visual impairment, Rockefeller suspects her joblessness itself hurts her chances, an impression she gets
WASHINGTON -- Thanks to federal budget cuts known as sequestration, Judy Cohagen of Arlington, Texas, recently saw her income
President Obama has tried to do the right thing, both for the economy and the unemployed, but has had
A hearing Thursday on long-term unemployment held before the 19-member Joint Economic Committee began with just a single lawmaker in attendance.
Keith Hall, a senior research scholar at the libertarian-leaning Mercatus Center, is a former Bureau of Labor Statistics