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It turns out there is a simple test that nearly everyone can do in their own home that can predict their chance of a long life.
All you coffee addicts chugging espressos like shots of vodka are probably going to live longer than the rest of us.
More than 4,800 people born during the 1940s took part in the study, and the authors controlled for personality, socioeconomic
If you're able to sit and rise from the floor with just one hand -- or better yet, no hands -- you likely have a lower risk
Women live longer, get to wear more sequins, and are better communicators and leaders. In case you needed more reasons being
Your morning Starbucks stop is doing more than keeping you awake -- that coffee may be helping you live longer, according
And just last week, we added another motivation to the list, when a new study linked jogging to increased life expectancy
Planning for a comfortable retirement takes foresight, a lifetime of saving money and little familial luck. But planning
People who go to school lead healthier, longer lives. That connection is well documented and unsurprising. But as obvious as this link is to us, the fact is we don't really know why that's the case.
So instead of denial or baby boomer bashing, maybe we need to be more thoughtful about how scary it is to age in the 21st century. Boomers know that a very long life can be a pyrrhic victory.
Something remarkable links the remote Japanese island of Okinawa, the small Sardinian mountain town of Ovodda and Loma Linda