There's a longing for promiscuity, an emotion that some may experience when they read or hear about the romantic and glamorous
What composes the hymn of longing? What notes comprise the sonata that stirs the soul like a great piece of music, rising up from the depths of oneself like a hand that commands our attention until we grab hold?
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
Sharing your hottest sexual movie will take self-awareness, conscious communication and non-judgmental acceptance. It will also require the ability to know and share your boundaries, the willingness to learn instead of feeling like you already need to know, and a whole lot of creativity.
Longing lets us know that we are in fact relational beings. In our culture, there is much conditioning which tells us to disassociate from life or be unattached.
In this series we introduce the ways that finding the genre of your "hottest sexual movie" can bring infinite pleasure to a relationship.
Anyways...You get the picture. We will leave the rest to your imagination as we continue to guide you in discovering your
Next, think back on the books and movies that have gotten you most aroused as well as the sexual experiences that you've
I know the deep longing that has accompanied me through life began the moment doctors tore me away from my mother at birth
Longing for someone is different from missing them. Missing is felt by the mind, and longing is endured by the totality of one's being.
News Flash: love is still our strongest emotion! How I Became The Bomb capture this on their song, "Ulay, Oh."
I realized that there comes a time in every woman's life when she needs to be sung to by a man with a heartbreakingly handsome voice in a language she doesn't understand. The sound of the words should drip with the dreams of her youth and the melody should hint of the promise that comes with time.
When our longing for connection collides with our history of rejection and shaming, we become ambivalent about receiving. Part of us desires contact while another part has an aversion toward it.
Certain people seem to be hopped up in this constant state, always with something to long for on the horizon -- the next purchase, the next party, the next partner. Life eternally poised in possibility. What a way to feel alive, without actually doing any living.
We are here to create. But we cannot create from the soul of who we are unless we cultivate an awe and faith in something larger and more powerful than our contempt for our own imperfect self-expression and our fear of ridicule.
Longing acts as a defense mechanism or a security blanket that stops us from trying, failing and being disappointed. It actually paralyzes us from creating opportunities.