Norway Aleutian Islands, Sandy Point Swimming With Fidel: The Toils Of An Accidental Journalist, available on Kindle, with
Low coal prices have forced the Store Norske Spitsbergen Coal Company to shutter its largest mine on Svalbard. For Longyearbyen
The people there refer to it as "Next to the North Pole" or the "North Polet", because it's the closest location that commercial flights operate to, and well, because it's right next to the North Pole. It's peculiar in general that people are eager to travel there, but what I found even more interesting is the way of life there.
(Editing by Catherine Evans) Skies on Friday are likely to be partly cloudy with a temperature of -17 degrees Celsius (1.4
An ice cave up in the hills is only accessible by dog sled. This is more sedate - and without the nagging screech of the