The necklace the former first lady wore for her DNC speech retails for $295. If you like the look but don't have that much to spend right now, here are some affordable alternatives.
“I like to fish, I like to drink a little bit, I like women and I just like having a good fun time,” says Dave Hemingway (no relation to Ernest).
Also making waves on the Reddit thread is a Peter Dinklage doppelgänger: “Came in expecting half-baked vague resemblances
Such is the case with Jennifer Connelly and Lily Collins. The two actresses play mother and daughter in "Stuck in Love," and
"Everyone I met thought it was me holding my little brother so wanted to see the conparison for myself," the 26-year-old
HAmazing indeed. A University of California at Irvine engineering student was shocked when he finally met a fellow student
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