Vicky Osterweil's "In Defense of Looting" makes the case that looting isn't a betrayal of protests for Black lives, but a vital aspect of the movement.
On Fox News, President Donald Trump defending tweeting “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”
The president defended his use of the phrase "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."
An officer in Seattle appeared to use the dangerous technique twice in a scene that was caught on video.
District attorneys are charging grocery theft as looting and arguing for higher bail in cases that are supposed to have $0 bail amid the pandemic.
She says: However, we are now, in 2016, in a new age that blindly ignores culture for ephemeral matters like money. Once
"The farther you get from the capital, the worse the economic situation is."
This epidemic of deaths of African-American youths at police hands is not new. In 1966, the police shot and killed 16-year-old Matthew Johnson, an African-American, in the Bayview Hunters Point area of San Francisco where I grew up. I was 12 years old; now I'm 60.
Whether or not one believes in the fairness of the justice system, the picture that African-Americans see is stark and bleak. The facts stare them in the face every day.
My daughter and I were standing in the middle of the baseball field in Inwood Hill Park, looking up at the stars, when something told me to check to see if the decision was finally announced. "NO INDICTMENT" stared back at me, taunting. I fell to my knees, crying. Yet again I was that kid watching an injustice occur right before my eyes and feeling helpless to do anything about it.
Decisive action by the international community to prevent further cultural terrorism and profiteering from antiquities theft will advance the fight against ISIS.
Just days after Michael Brown was killed by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson, HuffPost talks to local store employees to find out how most Ferguson residents feel about local law enforcement.
We need to teach them how to handle their emotions, how to cope with being well and truly angry or upset and how to communicate and express themselves in a healthy way
Criminal networks are robbing from our past to fund their terrorist activities, intimidate and undermine already struggling countries. This global crisis requires a global solution, and the United States is well-positioned to lead this charge.
The return of priceless cultural objects are among the great many successes the Untied States government and the international community has won in the battle against the illicit antiquities trade.
My great grandfather saw his role as documenting the world around him; I see mine as uncovering and sharing a world that was lost.
There is a crisis unfolding in Egypt: some of the world's most precious archaeological sites and artifacts are being senselessly looted.
One of the most amazing, inspiring museums a lot of people will (sadly) never get to visit is the National Museum Of Iraq in Baghdad.