Harris is running against another Democrat, Rep. Loretta Sanchez.
The conservative radio host is endorsing Loretta Sanchez in California's Senate race.
Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez, both Democrats, are set to face off in November's general election.
The race to succeed Barbara Boxer, a California icon and a liberal lion in the U.S. Senate, has an astounding over 30 candidates running for the seat. Of those, there are only a select few candidates who are actually competitive and with any meaningful resources.
This is a generationally-important race for a U.S. Senate seat that one of the candidates can potentially hold on to for decades. It's a seat for the highest legislative office in arguably the world, and from the most populous state in the nation. With so much awesome power and possibility on the line for whoever becomes California's next U.S. Senator -- how come there are so few debates?
So Cal's lack of representation in state and national politics contradicts the region's rich history in politics. Better representation in national politics is essential in order for Southern California to exert influence on the issues that are most important to the region.