lorna simpson

Her work echoes the experience of encountering current events in print.
In Kahlo's painted world, domesticity is only a blink away from the jungles of the wild, and it's easy to inhabit both at
Redhead, 2011. Collage and ink on paper And not attached, 2011. Collage and ink on paper Barbara K 001, 2009. Graphite, ink
Yesterday we showed you an image of this artwork and asked you to guess the American artist, but only a third of you correctly
Well-known for their engagement with civil rights and the Black Power movement, this African American artist created this
Gender and sexuality are becoming ever more mutable for the progressive and cosmopolitan global nomad -- that small but growing breed of iconoclast, be s/he biologically male, female or in between.
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The rise of feminism corresponds roughly with the expansion of the artworld to include women's production. This is a history that began predominantly in impelling women's art as an expression of the identification of women apart from men.
The Peter Norton Family Christmas Art Project is the epitome of cool. Beyond the beauty, the process and its production benefits many people in very interesting ways.
Nelson George is a cultural historian and filmmaker who candidly explores race, sex, parenting, gentrification, internet dating, and other hot-button issues in his voyeuristic web series, Left Unsaid.
The Glamour Project art exhibit celebrated Glamour magazine's 70th Anniversary with a dinner hosted by editor-in-chief Cindi