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“I never rank,” the show’s creator said. But he thinks one alum is “definitely in the top two or three.”
"SNL" returns with a limited live studio audience on Oct. 3.
The comedian also opened up to Howard Stern about bossing Lorne Michaels around at her “Saturday Night Live” tryout.
The comedian confirmed she's leaving the sketch comedy show ahead of its 45th season and gave shoutouts to the cast, crew and her fans.
"Saturday Night Live" says Kattan's account concerning "Clueless" director Amy Heckerling "did not happen."
The comedian shot to stardom on the variety show in the 1990s.
“I was like, what is happening? What is going on?" Taran Killam recalled in a podcast this week.
The former "Saturday Night Live" star says he's "amazed" that Lorne Michaels "has gone so low."
Ariana Grande, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Ben Affleck, Carrie Fisher and Elisabeth Moss and are just some of the celebrities who found love on the set of “Saturday Night Live.”
Their "SNL" boss, Lorne Michael, has the producing chores for the September show.
Hulu described the production as “the story of a fat young woman who wants to change her life, but not her body.”
The omission followed days of silence from other late-night comedians.
“Saturday Night Live” swept the Emmys with nine total wins, which was more than any of the other shows nominated.
The actor said he'd shave his head for the role.
Hell, at this point it's not unlikely that Saturday Night Live incites his downfall. So what do you say Lorne Michaels?
He also points to three things comedians need to succeed in the business.