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In person, the artist is unequivocally a full-on extrovert, one who engages and envelopes all that come into her path - she's
"14114 Vanowen Street" 42 x 74 inches, oil on polyester over aluminum, 2013. HH: What are your philosophical differences
Ever the iconoclast, photographer Cindy Sherman has been upending perceptions about beauty, media, and societal stereotypes for 40 years.
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What began as a mind-clearing 'craft project' has turned into an international phenomenon. WRDSMTH's signature artwork--a
When it comes to Donald Trump, emotions run extreme on both ends of the political spectrum. For many, his very name has come to evoke a fundamental pain that cuts like a personal affront. His comments have shown a disrespect and lack of tolerance for diversity in gender, race and religion.
Eight weeks after the disappearance of the 43 students, artist and activist Francisco Toledo sent out a call to universities and museums for original poster art in response to the tragedy.
Barnsdall Art Park's Municipal Art Gallery hosts perhaps the timeliest of art exhibits, SKIN, on view thru April 17, 2016.
Mortilla's accompaniment to these moving pictures provides an audio landscape, or a kind-of soundtrack, to the still images
Making the traffic jam you're stuck in suck a lot less.
For Lamb's latest collaboration with MOCA Grand Project Space in Downtown Los Angeles, she concentrates on the ideas associated with the spiritual quest and the idea of infinity and continuum. 
To Hide To Show is a group exhibition at MAMA, one of the newest contemporary art galleries taking Los Angeles by storm. The exhibition title is derived from the loose English translation of a contemporary French social anthropological study entitled "Montrer / Occulter."
Brooks, also the founding editor of the Huffington Post Arts page, conjures in her canvases eerily rendered Rococo memories
The succession of works of the two masters from one wall to the other accentuates this "musical" effect of their convergence: a "pas de deux" of two artists, performing their dance on a "visual" stage.
George Awde, Untitled, series of 24 inkjet prints and smaller viewing table of prints, 2007-2014. Image Courtesy of the Artist
For one, the sunny Southern California destination tempts its citizens to bare more flesh on the average day than most other
Before working with Instagram, Stark investigated the properties of another popular tech utopia, Chat Roulette. "I got well
Restrepo's exhibition, a contemporary take on Goya's 18th century etchings of corruption and absurdity, conjures a knotted
This image marks what used to be a favorite thing for me. Now I always worry about going to the zoo, whether it's in India