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I spoke with Richard Reina, product training director of CARiD.com and an auto enthusiast for more than 30 years, and he
Toyota, Honda and Hyundai showcased their new fuel-cell vehicles at the Los Angeles auto show.
If you're primarily concerned with getting a bargain, wait until the all-new model is about to hit, then look for a low-mileage 2013 or 2014 model. Those cars tend to be worth a little less when a newer, fresher version is introduced.
The Los Angeles Auto Show is a somewhat quiet affair for the Detroit Three. But the auto show that is in the city where General Motors, Ford and Chrysler all covet better sales, is not without news and a few meaningful curtain raisers.
Honda, Hyundai and Toyota all announced they will have hydrogen-powered cars for sale by 2015. The news was made during media days for the Los Angeles and Tokyo auto shows, both of which open to the public this weekend.
Some 32,367 people died in motor vehicle accidents in 2011. That's nearly 100 a day dying on our nation's highways, yet any apparent outrage remains muted at best.
No more guessing. We now officially know enough about these cars of the future to say we love or hate them. What cars? What else. Those small, uncomfortable, high-mileage vehicles.
The 2009 LA Auto Show is happening at the LA Convention Center, from December 4-13! I will not waste your time nor insult
This year the big news is, much to the chagrin of car-makers and their PR people worldwide, about GM and their ongoing leadership problems.
The LA Auto Show returns to the convention center, December 4-13. In addition to the latest, greatest cars and attractive
The H1 was one of the few vehicles which, at over 6,000 pounds, entitled the owner to claim a farm equipment tax credit with
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Lutz has had his share of problems while back at GM. Both the "new" Pontiac GTO and Pontiac G8, based on cars built by GM's
What's the mileage with Volt? GM was ridiculed a few months ago for saying they expected 230 mpg with Volt. That's their
Much of the talk at this week's Tokyo Motor Show, the 41st iteration of that extravaganza, held in Makuhari, about one half
As a longtime resident, I love this city (Santa Monica, CA) for its appreciation of (and demand for) the latest in technology
With economists predicting a rough 2009, 2010 and maybe even 2011, there's not much chance of '09 and '10 car sales reaching even 2008's miserable 13.1 million.
Once California's Air Resources Board (CARB) approved clean diesel engines for sale in the Golden State, that opened the
Even Bush doesn't want to go down in history as the man who oversaw the destruction of GM, Ford and Chrysler (I hope), and I'd guess Obama wishes he could install his own new team now and fire Paulson.