Los Angeles dining

During my assistant years in Los Angeles, I always stressed about where to send my boss to dine. You don't get to try out a lot of hot spots on assistant wages and, let's be honest, you're not really allowed to leave your desk to eat anyway.
PlaceInvaders is the latest pop-up dining series to hit Los Angeles. Started in New York by Brooklynites Hagan Blount and Katie Smith-Adair, PlaceInvaders aims to take LA by storm with delicious, five-course dinners, all made from scratch, in unique, transient locations.
Her wine list does not include a single California Chardonnay or Napa Cabernet.
June Gloom/the Los Angeles winter is over and Summer here. Looking for something fun, exciting and new to do? Here are some activities, locations, restaurants and bars that will avoid any summertime sadness.
For most of the country, summer ends after Labor Day. However, in Los Angeles it stays warm until spring. Stay outside and enjoy the SoCal sun by dropping in one or all of these places.
From the first brick-and-mortar venture by pop-up king Ludo Lefebvre to a meat speakeasy by superstar chef Nancy Silverton, these 10 restaurants have fanatical followings
Joe Satran, Betty Fraser, Kate Krader, James Mulcahy and Tracy Nieporent join Caitlyn to debate which city has the best restaurant scene - New York or Los Angeles.
The London West Hollywood will keep things hot all summer long with Wednesdays at Sunset. Every Wednesday the rooftop pool serves themed food, refreshing cockatils and LA's hottest DJ's.
A city's cultural scene dictates its dinner hour. While determining the perfect time to dine is far from an exact science, our local correspondents gave us insider tips on how to join the cool kids' table.