Los Angeles Fire Department

It wasn’t immediately known how many people were on the bus or where it was headed.
Some officials are calling for more resources to be directed to the city's rising homeless population in the wake of the fire.
"The prospects for containment are not good. Mother Nature is going to decide when we have the ability to put it out."
The blaze, fueled by triple digit temperatures and erratic winds, has burned 7,000 acres and destroyed four homes.
What should fire department administrators know about the Yoga for First Responders program? What advice would you give to
"I am continuously motivated when I see my work positively affecting members of the fire and police departments, and seeing them become excited about it. When they "get it" and continue to roll out their mats week to week, it adds to my passion to teach them."
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Crews battled two large fires in Los Angeles early Monday, including a massive one downtown that closed
An unnamed fire department captain followed the ambulance until Los Angeles Police Department officers took over the pursuit
In recent years, the budget has been able to grow slightly to the point where it is now at $519 million to support a sworn
213-978-0390 The task force came up with 17 recommendations to implement in the coming months -- on everything from providing
A few weeks ago I shared my concerns about worsening response times in the Los Angeles Fire Department. Let's take a step back to see how Los Angeles got here.
How many more unfortunate tragedies like the March 2nd fire in South Los Angeles have to occur before something is done? Any way we look at it, it's taking far longer for our firefighters to respond to an emergency than it used to.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the president of the firefighters union used a morning news conference intended to clarify
Last year, the City Council voted unanimously to reduce LAFD staffing. Let's take a candid look at how things turned out in the Los Angeles Fire Department.
A Studio City woman fell 20 feet into the concrete culvert of the Los Angeles River near the Vineland Avenue Bridge Saturday
If it is on a call, a backup fire truck or engine will have to travel a greater distance and sometimes up steep inclines
From tiny Ann Arbor, Michigan to LA, firefighters are under attack from the budget knife. This has already led to several fires that burned far longer and where people have been hurt or killed.